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  • FARNBOROUGH: SSBV unveils ACRIDS precision airdrop system

FARNBOROUGH: SSBV unveils ACRIDS precision airdrop system

SSBV (H3/SZ8) has unveiled its aerial cargo rider system, dubbed ACRIDS, for precision airdrop systems.

According to the Dutch aerospace and technology group, its reusable system is designed to autonomously deliver cargo with a weight of up to 1,000kg (2,200lb) to a predesignated location on the ground, with an accuracy of 50m. It can be dropped from altitudes of up to 25,000ft (7,500m) and supports NATO's standard release methods and cargo containers.

ACRIDS comprises a steerable parachute and a control unit containing a GPS receiver, sensors, actuators, batteries and a computer with autopilot that monitors location, heading and altitude, while correcting for wind and other parameters.

SSBV says that the system is based on SPADES precision airdrop technology from EADS subsidiary Dutch Space, with which it signed a collaboration agreement earlier this year.

Under the arrangement SSBV has acquired the intellectual property rights to SPADES, which was initially developed by the Netherlands ministry of defence, Dutch Space and the Netherlands Aerospace Laboratory. Through the acquisition, the further development and commercialisation of the system are now the responsibility of SSBV.

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