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  • FARNBOROUGH:Tecnam and Airborne create ultra-low-cost surveillance

FARNBOROUGH:Tecnam and Airborne create ultra-low-cost surveillance

Working with general aviation aircraft manufacture Tecnam, Austria-based Airborne Technologies has created an ultra-low-cost surveillance system for observation, law enforcement, mapping and sensing missions.

The Tecnam P2006T twin-rotax-engined aircraft offers low operating costs, simplicity of systems and worldwide maintainability while offering a good sensor payload and impressive endurance.

When evaluating different general aviation platforms for designing a special mission aircraft, Airborne Technologies chose the P2006T because of its multi-fuel engines, an endurance of more than 8h and plenty of cabin space.

Airborne modified the aircraft to provide additional electrical power, a retractable sensor system and an integrated pilot flight guidance system/sensor operator workstation. All modifications and integration of sensors on the aircraft have been developed and certificated by Airborne Technologies. The resulting PT2006T has been designated the Technam MMA (multi-mission aircraft)

Observation and mapping missions has normally been carried out by bigger aircraft, but the trend to miniaturise electronic sensor equipment and adopt new sensing technologies means the task can be performed in smaller types at lower cost.

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