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  • Flight International 22.2.1952

Flight International 22.2.1952

Passenger poll tax

As from May 1st passengers as well as aircraft will be subject to payment of a landing charge on arrival at any one of the State-controlled airports in this country. The charge will be at the rate of 5s. for each passenger arriving from European countries, and 7s. 6d. for each from outside Europe. Those travelling on internal services or from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man will be exempt. According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the charges are in line with those made in other countries. The action is, however, unilateral, for, although I.C.A.O. and I.A.T.A. have been consulted, no agreement has been reached. An equivalent charge made at New York's international airport costs each passenger more than 10s.

Two George Medals

In recognition of their extreme bravery while attempting the rescue of the crew of a Buckmaster, which had met with an accident just outside R.A.F. Station Benson, F/L. L.C. Newton and L. A/C. R. W. Riseborough have both been awarded the George Medal. In part the citation reads: "Despite the apparent hopelessness of the situation on account of the intense heat to which the members of the crew had been subject, F/L. Newton and L. A/C. Riseborough persisted in their efforts, notwithstanding that but a slender hope of saving life remained.

Sir Frank's future

Rumours, current in London last week, thatA. Cdre. Sir Frank Whittle is considering an invitation to carry out gas turbine research work in the United States were later substantially confirmed by Sir Frank himself. One columnist had quoted reports that the gas turbine pioneer "was profoundly dissatisfied with the opportunities he has been offered here". In an interview with The Times' aeronautical correspondent, however, he is quoted as expressing himself "dissatisfied with the lines upon which gas turbines are being developed in this country".