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  • Fly540 F27 crash claims lives of three crew members

Fly540 F27 crash claims lives of three crew members

All three crew on board a Fokker F27 freighter operated by Kenyan regional carrier Fly540 were killed when it crashed on approach into the Somalian capital of Mogadishu on 13 August.

The F27 Mk500 (5Y-BVF) was operating a charter freight flight from Nairobi to Mogadishu North airport - also known as K50 airport. Fly540 says the F27, which was carrying two pilots and an engineer, crashed during an attempted landing in poor weather conditions.

"Until investigations have been completed it will not be possible to ascertain the cause of the crash, but it seems likely to have been the result of bad weather," says the airline. Unconfirmed local media reports say the aircraft was seen approaching the airport twice before going around and colliding with a telecommunication antenna.

The aircraft's captain had just under 30 years' flying experience on jets and turboprop types and was also a qualified instructor. His co-pilot had been flying for over two years, says the airline.

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