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FREE REPORT: The public perception of air safety

Flying today is more than 300 times safer than in 1950 and twice as safe as it was in 2000. To put this improvement into perspective, if the accident rate today was still the same as in 1950, there would be 4,000 fatal airline accidents a year, more than 10 a day!

Despite the occasional poor year, safety is continuing to improve; yet the public's perception of air safety is generally not good, hindered by regular scare stories in the media such as "Why Are So Many Planes Falling Out of the Sky" (Daily Mail, 2009)

You can read more about this issue in Flightglobal Insight's FREE Aviation Safety Briefing. This report was written by Paul Hayes, Director of Air Safety at Flightglobal Ascend, and is presented to you by Flightglobal Insight team.

In this free downloadable report you can find out about:

  1. Analysis of recent accidents and their media coverage
  2. Accident graphs from 1946 to the present day
  3. Prediction of future trends


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