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General malaise

This month's Aero Friedrichshafen show will serve as a rallying post for a European general aviation sector battered by the economic downturn. Our special report tackles subjects certain to dominate the agenda: the European Aviation Safety Agency's regulation of light sport aircraft, new engine designs aimed at decreasing reliance on avgas, proposed changes to the rules that govern pilot licensing, and the need to reinvigorate training of private flyers - made urgent by dwindling applications to training schools and clubs. It all kicks off with a preview of the four-day event, at which Cirrus will reveal a limited edition of its SR22 piston single and Tecnam will display its P2012 Traveller


Show preview Aero Friedrichshafen

Regulation Light sport aircraft

 Engines Alternatives to avgas

Training schools Pilot numbers fall

Tecnam's P2012 Traveller, joining a range that includes the P2008

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