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Gol 737-700 damaged in overrun


Brazilian low-fare carrier Gol Transportes Aéreos has registered its first major mishap in its nearly two years of operation after one of its Boeing 737-700s (PR-GOO) was severely damaged after overrunning on landing after a domestic flight.

The incident happened on 20 December during a scheduled flight between São Paulo's Congonhas airport and Porto Alegre. Having left São Paulo at 10:24, the aircraft executed a scheduled intermediate stop nearly an hour later at Navegantes in heavy rain showers with a gusting wind.

After a routine approach and touchdown on Navegantes' 1,700m (5,570ft) runway (07/25), the aircraft experienced what passengers described as a "heavy impact". The aircraft then slid along and overran the runway, striking a perimeter wall 200m away from the threshold of runway 25. The Brazilian DAC's accident investigation board is examining a possible nosegear failure on landing as one of the prime causes of the incident.

Although there were no injuries among the 141 passengers and seven crew on board, the aircraft was substantially damaged. Both engines, nacelles and wings were severely damaged and the fuselage was punctured in several places.

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