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  • Greece's air force, army and navy seek new aircraft - special report

Greece's air force, army and navy seek new aircraft - special report

Exhibitors from more than 30 coutnries attended the 14th biennial Defendory show in Athens - highlighting a series of requirements across the nation's armed forces.

The Greek navy is looking for an anti-submarine warfare aircraft and has money budgeted over the rest of the decade to acquire them.

The air force has an emerging requirement for up to 40 multi-role fighters, although uncertainty around the specifications and budget are frustrating for candidate suppliers.

But the service's need for a new trainer to replace its ageing Rockwell T-2 Buckeyes is so pressing that the contenders are jostling for position even before the formal announcement of a contest.

And there was news at the show of the army's plans for its Boeing AH-64A helicopters.

In a series of articles, Craig Hoyle reports from Athens on the way ahead. Click on the links below.

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