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  • Heliwest snaps up aerial work contracts

Heliwest snaps up aerial work contracts

Australian on-shore helicopter service provider Heliwest has picked up two new contracts for its Bell 206 JetRanger and Bell 212 helicopters.

The Western Australia-based company has won a two-year contract with telecommunications operator Digicel for the construction of mobile telephone towers across Papua New Guinea. The contract will be conducted by Heliwest's local partner company Helifix, which will provide skills transfer and training of local helicopter pilots.

"The installation of communication towers across a country such as Papua New Guinea is a massive project given the largely inhospitable terrain where many of these structures will be located," says Heliwest chief executive David Grimes. "We believe our Bell 212 aircraft is ideal for this programme," he adds.

Meanwhile, one of the company's JetRangers has been contracted for a minimum of three years by the Western Australia Department of Health to provide aerial application of mosquito larvicides to coastal wetlands in the south-west of the state.

The helicopter will be fitted with specialised equipment capable of distributing liquid and granule mosquito control products.

"Aerial larviciding by helicopter is a fast and efficient method of dealing with the mosquito problem," says Grimes.