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  • Hungary to get Finland's retired Mi-8 transports

Hungary to get Finland's retired Mi-8 transports

Finland has donated two surplus army Mil Mi-8 transport helicopters to Hungary, the nation's defence ministry has revealed.

Gifted to the eastern European nation under the umbrella of a multi-national helicopter initiative established by NATO in late 2009, the aircraft will be used to support training activities, the ministry said.

A Hungarian delegation will take possession of the aircraft on 25 August, it added.

"The Mi-8 helicopters, their spare parts and other small materiel are being donated to Hungary free of charge," the defence ministry said in a 12 August announcement.

"The costs incurred for transport will be borne by Hungary, which will also be in charge of all maintenance work carried out after the donation," the ministry added.

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Previously operated by the Utti Jaeger Regiment's helicopter battalion, the Mi-8s entered service in 1981, and have been replaced by NH Industries NH90 tactical transport helicopters.

The Hungarian air force already has an active fleet of four Mi-8/17 transports, as listed in Flightglobal's HeliCAS database.

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