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  • Icon pushes back first delivery of A5 amphibian again

Icon pushes back first delivery of A5 amphibian again

Icon Aircraft has again pushed back first delivery of its Icon A5 light sport two-seat amphibian aircraft.

The California-based company, which last year postponed first delivery from the second half of 2010 to mid-2011 after it took longer than expected to complete a new round of financing, now says deliveries will begin at the end of 2011.


Icon says flight-testing of the A5 is progressing smoothly and the programme is ready to be transitioned from the development to production phase.

Icon says it is in the process of finalising the selection of composite component suppliers. The A5 has logged more than 100 flight hours and recently completed test flights in the ocean to assess saltwater operations and landing in swells. The aircraft is now undergoing stall tests.

Icon says it has more than 475 deposits for the A5. It says its orderbook, which stood at about 400 a year ago, has continued to grow despite the slow economy.

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