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  • ILA: Humanitarian bodies offer aviation’s helping hand

ILA: Humanitarian bodies offer aviation’s helping hand

The noble cause of humanitarian organisation Stiftung Mayday is to provide support to the families of pilots killed or injured in an accident.

The trust works with lawyers, doctors and social workers to deliver psychological and financial help and visitors are welcome to learn more about its services or discuss support at its stand.

At the same location, Lions Club Berlin-Airport is presenting its "portable aqua unit for lifesaving", which is airlifted to victims following natural disasters. The water purifiers filter dirt particles and pathogens, making water drinkable and protecting against cholera, typhoid and other contagious diseases.

The mission of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen is to transport aid supplies - including medication, tents and food - to disaster areas and conflict zones. Show visitors can view footage and TV reports of its efforts to support Syrian refugees - and hear from the team responsible.

A quote by Albert Schweitzer, winner of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize, is cited as inspiration for the work of the Flying Doctors of the African Medical and Research Foundation. He said: "Make use of the tools of your age and use airplanes to bring people medical aid." AMREF operates in eastern Africa.