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India acquires Litening targeting pod

Rafael will supply 164 examples of its Litening targeting pod to the Indian air force, for use on four types of combat aircraft including New Delhi’s Sukhoi Su-30 fighters.

Guy Oren, director of Rafael's electro-optical systems unit, says the pods will be delivered in the next couple of years.

An advanced version of the Litening 4 – the Litening 4 I – will be supplied. The improved system has been equipped with upgraded infrared cameras and a charge-coupled device colour camera to help identify targets on the ground, particularly dense areas, Rafael says.

The company adds that the new version doubles up as a surveillance and reconnaissance system in addition to being a targeting pod.

In February it was announced that the planned Litening acquisition would fall under a larger $500 million deal between India and Israel, which would also see the Rafael Spice 250 precision-guided bomb provided to New Delhi.

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