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  • Indonesian president questions further use of F27 following crash

Indonesian president questions further use of F27 following crash

The Indonesian air force has grounded its fleet of Fokker F27 transport aircraft following a fatal crash last week near Jakarta, as president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono questioned the type's continued use.

The air force's F27s are being inspected for any faults, it said. If no issues are found, the type will eventually return to service.

The grounding comes amid media reports quoting the Indonesian president as saying that the F27s would be grounded permanently, given that they are due to be replaced with Airbus Military C295s.

"He was only making a suggestion," said the air force when asked about Yudhoyono's remarks. "It is ultimately the air force's decision."

According to Flightglobal's MiliCAS database, the aircraft that crashed on 21 June near Jakarta's Halim airport was one of six F27-400s in active service with the Indonesian air force.

The crash killed 11, comprising three pilots and four technicians aboard the aircraft as well as four civilians on the ground, including two children.

The 21 June crash was the second involving Indonesian air force F27s in recent years. In April 2009, an F27 crash at Bandung air base killed all 24 passengers and crew.

At the Singapore air show in February, Airbus Military announced an Indonesian order for nine C295s as F27 replacements, with deliveries to commence in 2014.

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