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Inquiry finds engine fault after fatal An-12 overrun

Russian investigators have disclosed findings of a technical problem in one of the engines on a Silk Way Airlines Antonov An-12 which crashed on take-off in Afghanistan.

The aircraft (4K-AZ25) had been leased for cargo transport and had been attempting departure from Camp Dwyer, with six crew and three passengers, on 18 May.

Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee says the take-off was conducted with a “faulty” inboard right-hand Ivchenko Progress AI-20 engine.

The propeller, it says, switched to “negative thrust” during the take-off roll, preventing the powerplants from delivering the acceleration necessary to become airborne.

As a result, the aircraft travelled the entire 2,400m length of the runway, in about 70s, and overran at around 119kt.

It cross rough ground and sustained substantial damage, with the outbreak of fire which destroyed the airframe. None of the six crew members survived. One of the passengers was also fatally injured.

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