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  • Inquiry opens after landing InterSky Q300 hits power line

Inquiry opens after landing InterSky Q300 hits power line

Investigators have opened an inquiry after a Bombardier Q300, operated by Austrian regional InterSky, suffered damage after striking an electrical power line on approach to the Italian island of Elba.

The aircraft had been operating between Zurich and Elba's Marina di Campo Airport, a flight designated 3L284, on 1 May.

InterSky says the incident occurred at around the scheduled arrival time of 17:30. The Q300 hit a power line located "near the runway", it says, but continued the approach to land on the runway safely.

The carrier states that the twin-engined aircraft sustained damage to one of its two propellers.

Meteorological data from the airport is not immediately available. The nearest weather station, located at Monte Calamita, some 6.6nm east of the airport, was indicating fog and low visibility at the time.

InterSky, however, describes the weather during the approach as "normal". It has not indicated the type of approach being conducted when the incident occurred.

But managing director Claus Bernatzik says: "The aircraft seems to have been located, on approach, a few metres off the intended flight path.

"We therefore cannot, unfortunately, rule out pilot error - according to our current knowledge."

Bernatzik says that the pilot was highly experienced and was used to operating the service to Elba.

The extent of the damage to the Q300 is unclear but none of the 48 passengers and three crew members was injured.

"We immediately informed the authorities and will do everything to investigate the cause of this incident," says Bernatzik. "The most important thing, for us, is that the aircraft landed safely and no-one has been harmed."

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