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  • INTERIORS: Condor selects MacCarthy retrofit lavatories

INTERIORS: Condor selects MacCarthy retrofit lavatories

UK interior refurbishment specialist MacCarthy is targeting Boeing 767 and 757 customers with the latest generation of its retrofit lavatory.

The company introduced new features, such as a Corian wash table, for lavatories on Airbus aircraft in recent years. But Graham Hutchins, marketing manager, says that 2012 saw particularly 767 operators demand new equipment for their venerable twinjets.

German leisure carrier Condor is the first customer to select MacCarthy's new lavatory for its 12-strong 767 fleet. The first ship set - comprising one business class and five economy class toilets - is to be delivered later this month.

A main new feature is the single-piece, vacuum-formed floor which should prevent leaks or spillages to flow into the aircraft structure. The designers have also developed a new toilet bowl which cuts weight by up to 5% over the original fibreglass equipment.

A key advantage is that the plastic material is coloured in itself rather through surface coatings. The avoids the need any repainting during future refurbishments. Other features include a backlit bathroom mirror and "soft-touch" lavatory flush switch.