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  • INTERIORS: Standing room only as Avio unveils new seat concept

INTERIORS: Standing room only as Avio unveils new seat concept

The aircraft interiors industry is standing up and taking notice of the Skyrider, Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors' near-vertical standing seat concept.

Aviointeriors Skyrider stand-up seat is on display here at the show, with a steady stream of attendees curious about how the radical design feels.

The snug 23-inch pitch seat features a sloping saddle-like design, which the company hopes will provide additional capacity to airlines seeking to further differentiate low-cost products.

However, the seat design faces a long road on its way into the cabin, though Francesca Pavone, Aviointeriors certification manager is confident the seat will meet all certification standards.

aviointeriors skyrider stand-up seat concept, Billypix
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"We are really confident that the result of the [finite element model] analysis, that the deformation will remain in the range of allowed deformation for the most forward parts," says Pavone. "When we started the design of the new seat we focused our attention on what could be the behavior of the seat during a dynamic event."

Though, vice president Airbus cabin design office, Jonathan Norris says the seat certification process must be looked at holistically in the aircraft cabin, not just a series of discreet tests on an individual block of seats.

"Clearly when certifying a seat there's a process to go through to certify the seat in isolation," says Norris. "It's a completely different process to then certify the seat installed on the aircraft. It's not just the dynamic behavior of the seat, then you get into head impact criteria with the seat row in the front, evacuation, flammability, a whole number of things."

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