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  • Japanese MoD procurement budget boosted despite cuts

Japanese MoD procurement budget boosted despite cuts

Ministry able to purchase more aircraft, bucking trend as defence spending declines

The Japanese government has pushed through a slight reduction in defence spending for fiscal year 2007, and has cut five platforms from the newly rebranded defence ministry's earlier request to acquire 50 aircraft (Flight International, 12-18 September 2006).

The defence ministry will receive an allocation of ¥4.8 trillion ($40.4 billion) this year, marking a decrease of 0.8% against FY06. However, its procurement budget of ¥220 billion represents a significant increase of 24% over last year, when the then-Japan Defence Agency was able to purchase just 25 aircraft. A total of 45 will be bought this year: 20 for the army, 13 for the navy and 12 for the air force.

The air force's planned final batch of 10 Mitsubishi/Lockheed Martin F-2 fighters has been reduced to eight, but the service will get its requested two Mitsubishi/Sikorsky UH-60J utility helicopters, one Kawasaki/Boeing CH-47J transport helicopter and one Raytheon Hawker U-125A search-and-rescue aircraft.

The navy's entire equipment request was approved, bar one of its planned two Shinmaywa US-2 amphibians. It will also receive five Mitsubishi/Sikorsky SH-60K patrol helicopters, four Fuji T-5 trainers, two Beech TC-90 trainers and one TH-X training helicopter, which is yet to be selected.

Army helicopter acquisitions will include 16 Fuji/Bell UH-1J utilities, two Kawasaki OH-1 scouts, single CH-47JA and UH-60JA airframes and one Fuji/Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter. Requests for an additional UH-60JA and one fixed-wing Fuji LR-2 liaison and reconnaissance aircraft were rejected.

Japan will increase ballistic missile defence spending to ¥183 billion in FY07, and intends to have four Raytheon/Lockheed Patriot PAC-3 surface-to-air missile systems operational around Tokyo by year-end.