Kopter and KAI sign SH09 pact

Swiss helicopter developer Kopter and Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) have signed an agreement that could pave the way for final assembly of the SH09 light-single in the Asian country.

Covered by a Memorandum of Understanding, the pact “launches the start of a collaboration between Kopter and KAI around local assembly, production, customisation and sales” of the SH09 in South Korea.

“This co-operation might equally lead to helicopter sales to other Asian countries from Korea,” says Kopter.

KAI praises the “great opportunity” to add the SH09 to its rotary-wing portfolio.

Kopter has long stressed the need to establish an Asian production line, adding to planned final assembly facilities in Mollis, Switzerland and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Speaking during a recent interview, Kopter chief executive Andreas Lowenstein said that “to serve the Asian market you need to be local”.