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  • Latest E-190 decision drops US Airways' firm orders to 42

Latest E-190 decision drops US Airways' firm orders to 42

US Airways' decision not to confirm firm orders for five Embraer 190s during the third quarter brings to 15 the total number of the type it has opted to transfer into purchase options.

In February 2006, a total 57 undelivered Embraer 170s ordered by US Airways were converted into 25 firm orders for E-190s as well as 32 additional firm orders for the type that were subject to reconfirmation.

"Originally, it was 57 aircraft and 10 of those were converted to purchase options which equals 47 and then the reduction of the five which makes it a current 42 firm orders," says an Embraer spokeswoman.

The 42 E-190s now listed as firm orders for US Airways "takes into account the dropping of these five firm orders", she says.

As of 30 September, US Airways had taken delivery of 24 E-190s.

A US Airways spokesman today confirms that the carrier has "indeed taken delivery of all 25 firm orders from Embraer" from the original order.

He says the 42 E-190s that US Airways will take in total "Was the number that met our fleet needs".

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