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  • Legacy 500 passes initial stall tests, second prototype flies

Legacy 500 passes initial stall tests, second prototype flies

Embraer has provided the first update on the Legacy 500 programme since November as the second prototype has completed its first flight.

The second Legacy 500 to enter the flight test programme is dedicated to systems development and certification of the fly-by-wire, midsize business jet, Embraer says.

Meanwhile, the first prototype aircraft performed initial stall testing in late January with "expected results", Embraer says.

Since its first flight on 27 November, the original prototype has logged 44h on 23 flights, the airframer adds. The aircraft has cleared portions of the initial envelope, completed air starts of the Honeywell HTF7500 engines and Honeywell auxiliary power unit and evaluated systems.

Embraer plans to deliver the Legacy 500 in 2014, or 15 years after the company launched its last clean-sheet design. It is the first Embraer aircraft to incorporate a fully integrated, closed-loop fly-by-wire flight control system, also making it the smallest non-military aircraft to enter service with such technology.

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