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  • Legacy 650 receives HALTO certification from Brazil

Legacy 650 receives HALTO certification from Brazil

Embraer has received High Altitude Landing and Takeoff Operation (HALTO) certification for the Legacy 650 business jet from the Brazilian civil aviation authority.

The approval increases the operating envelope for the large-cabin business jet allowing it to fly in and out of the highest airports in the world, including those in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, China, India, Nepal and the USA, Embraer says.

"The Legacy 650 will now be able to serve airports located at altitudes up to 13,800ft (4,200m), including La Paz, Bolivia at 13,357ft and Shangri-La, China at 10,761ft," the Brazilian airframer adds. US and European validation is expected to follow shortly.

Embraer has already secured HALTO approval for its super-large Lineage 1000 and super-midsize Legacy 600 business jets

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