LHT opens repair shop at Dubai World Central

Lufthansa Technik has formally opened a component repair facility near Dubai's Al Maktoum International airport.

The German MRO group has for several years been operating a repair shop for components, including thrust reversers, at Dubai International airport. This operation has been incorporated as a subsidiary company in its own right, and LHT has constructed a new facility in the aviation district at Dubai South – a city development being established around the emirate's World Central hub.

LHT says the new plant has been audited by Germany's federal aviation office and several customers from the region, and that operations began in recent weeks.

Today, the site provides airframe-related component repairs, engine and landing-gear services, AOG support, and spares supply. A warehouse holds material for Airbus A320s, A350s, Boeing 777s and 787s. LHT says it is, with customers, evaluating addition of further capabilities.

Earlier this year, Lufthansa and Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways signed a tentative partnership deal that initially covers co-operation in the fields of maintenance and catering. The two sides said they wanted to explore "opportunities for synergies" between LHT and Etihad's engineering arm.

Emirates, too, has been a customer of LHT for some time.

LHT's existing site at Dubai International airport will remain operational.

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