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  • Lockheed and Boeing discuss fuselage project

Lockheed and Boeing discuss fuselage project

LOCKHEED AND Boeing are in talks over a joint bid to build and demonstrate an advanced aft-fuselage design for the US Joint Advanced Strike Technology (JAST) programme.

The two companies are already engaged in talks over combining their entire JAST efforts into a single team. "We are now in negotiation with Boeing on teaming on this contract research and development effort involving the aft fuselage," says Lockheed Fort Worth.

Boeing is already heavily involved with the aft-fuselage section of the F-22, which it developed with Lockheed and which provides some of the technology base for Lockheed's JAST work.

One of Lockheed's designs being submitted for possible use as its JAST demonstrator bid uses several features of the F-22, including some low-observable design elements of the engine exhaust nozzles and aft fuselage.

Pratt & Whitney has won a third JAST contract, worth $4.5 million, to provide engineering studies to "...optimise the propulsion systems and the integration of P&W engines into the aircraft".

The P&W F119 turbofan, now in full-scale development for the F-22, has been picked by three of the four teams developing concepts for the JAST programme.