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  • Lumexis confident in securing IFE system launch customer

Lumexis confident in securing IFE system launch customer

US in-flight entertainment (IFE) company Lumexis is confident it will shortly secure a launch customer for its fibre-to-the-screen IFE platform.

The Lumexis system, which is built around an advanced fibre optic technology, was recently trialled on a single US Airways Airbus A320.

US Airways has said, however, that its plan for bringing IFE to domestic passengers is "on hold" because financing for hardware installations has dried up due to the current economic slump.

This has not deterred Lumexis. CEO Doug Cline says the firm is "absolutely confident that we will secure a new launch customer within the very near future as we continue negotiation with several of the world's major airlines on upcoming projects".

Moreover, he says, Lumexis "is exceptionally well-backed financially and thus has the long-term resources to weather the broad effects of recession on our potential customers".

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