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MEBA: Egypt's Spot Air outlines growth plans

Egyptian charter provider Spot Air  reports "considerable growth" in demand for flights from CIS countries and Europe to Dubai and Dar es Salaam.

To cater for demand, the Spot Group has created private jet and air taxi operator EU Air, which received Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority approval in 2009. EU Air is planning to operate aircraft from 2011.

Cairo-based Spot Air has opened offices in Germany and the UK and launched a partnership with Astra Associated Services in Italy. It has operated flights to the Scandinavian countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Spain, Turkey and the UAE. In 2011 it expects to extend its activities into Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Spot Air is preparing to launch a new service to cater for large groups of VIP passengers (30-60 people) by adapting the interior of charter aircraft to VIP standards.


 Credit: Spot Air

"Our business has increased quite dramatically in the last two years and the Gulf region and UAE form a large part of this increase in our business," says Mohamed Hamed, chief executive of Spot Air. "We have great ambitions for 2011 and look forward to working with a number of new clients.

"We see that there is a great need for VIP quality flights that can cater for large groups of people. This is particularly important in the Gulf region, which is one reason why sales of larger business jets are significantly higher in this region compared to other parts of the world."

Spot Group comprises Spot Air Egypt, Spot Reisen, Spot Air UK, EU Air and partner company Astra Associated Services in Italy.

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