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  • MEBA: Singapore's Asia Aviation eyes Middle East management market

MEBA: Singapore's Asia Aviation eyes Middle East management market

Singapore-based Asia Aviation plans to bring its aircraft management services to the Middle East and secure a local partner to help it base aircraft in the region.

The company manages six aircraft in total, mostly Bombardier types. Two Bombardier Challenger 605s, a Challenger 850 and a Learjet 35 are based in Singapore, while a Learjet 60 is based in the USA and a Boeing 737 in Dubai. It is also scheduled to take on another 605 and a Global next year.

Asia Aviation has partnered US-headquartered Starbase Aviation and placed the Learjet 60 on the latter's air operator's certificate, and is looking for a partner in the Middle East as well.

"The Middle East is an important market, and we have made a breakthrough with the 737 that is for a client in Dubai. We hope to have a network of companies located in key regions and offer services to our clients that way," says Geoffery Cassidy, chief executive of Asia Aviation.

"We hope to set up a representative office in Dubai shortly to serve the region, and team up with a company in the region that has an AOC."

His company, which also offers charters, believes that while it might be a newcomer in the region, it is able to offer both lower costs and "superior service" to its potential clients in the Middle East.

"There is a lot of competition in this part of the world. To be honest, it is a cut-throat business. But we believe in offering good service to our customers and being transparent with them. And the best service is getting them lower costs," says Cassidy.

"It costs about $20,000 a month to manage an aircraft here, compared to around $12,000 in the USA or Singapore. We can help to bring down the average cost down, with the help of our network, through lower fuel and ground handling costs."