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  • MEBA: Spot Air spies market for midsize business jets

MEBA: Spot Air spies market for midsize business jets

Egyptian charter provider Spot Air is planning to acquire midsize business jets next year to support burgeoning demand for private jet flights to and from North Africa, the Middle East, the CIS and Europe.

"We are looking at used Cessna Citation Sovereigns and Hawker 800s but we will stick with one aircraft type," says Spot Air marketing and sales director Amr Abou Koura.

"The prices of used aircraft are low at the moment, so it is a good time to buy," he adds. The hefty financial outlay for the aircraft purchase will be split between Spot Air and a private owner or business. "There is a lot of demand for this type of model," Koura says. "But we only plan to buy four aircraft in total."

Spot Group leases two Airbus A320s and two Boeing 737-800s for VIP transport. The aircraft are operated by Egyptian airlines Midwest and Nerma Airlines.

The Cairo-based company has an Egyptian aircraft operator's certificate and will begin operations under the EU Air banner next year.

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