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Military Aircraft Directory: Aero Vodochody


Manufacturer Power Max Thrust Dry Max Thrust Reheat Wingspan FuselageLength Max RangeFuel Max speed Kts/Mach Hardpoints Max Op Ceiling Max Payload Kg crew pax Max Weapon Load Ext Endurance Combat Rad Max Pay No Refuel
L-139 Light-attack/Trainer turbofan/jet-powered 18.15kN 9.5 12.1 1,600 410kt 4 38,725 2 1670 3h 20min
1 x AlliedSignal TFE731 4 Turbofan
Endurance is 5h 35min with ext fuel tanks
L 159 Light-attack 28kN 9.5 12.7 2,530 502kt 7 43,300 2 4h40min
1 x ITEC F124-GA-100 Turbofan
Advanced Light Combat Aircraft. Max range is with internal and external fuel
L-39 C Albatros Trainer turbofan/jet-powered 16.98kN 9.5 12.1 1,100 405kt 2 36,090 2 2h 30min
1 x Ivchenko Progress ZMKB AI-25TL Turbofan
Stall speed is kt landing configuration; (a) 23,000ft, internal fuel
L-39 ZA Albatros Light-attack/Trainer turbofan/jet-powered 16.98kN 9.5 12.1 1,350 405kt 4 34,776 2 1820 2h 45min
1 x Ivchenko Progress ZMKB AI-25TL Turbofan
Endurance 4h 30min with ext fuel tanks
L-59 Light-attack/Trainer turbofan/jet-powered 21.57kN 9.5 12.2 1,570 470kt 4 38,725 2 1530 2h 55min
1 x Povazska Strojarne Letecke Motory a.s. DV-2 Military Turbofans/Jets
Range is 2,500km with ext fuel tanks (4 x 350 litres); Endurance 4h 40min wiith ext fuel tanks


Aero Vodochody, 250-70 Odolena Voda, Prague 250 70, Czech Republic; Tel:+420 2 685 8041, Fax:+420 2 687 2505, Telex 121 169

L-39 and L-139

Aero Vodochody has produced several variants of the basic L-39C, the simplest version of its second-generation jet trainer, and the L-39ZA training and light-attack aircraft. Both the L-39C and L-39ZA are powered by AI-25TL turbofan engines. The L-39V is a single-seat target tug. The L39ZO is similar to the L-39ZA, but lacks the gun pod.

The L-139 trainer/light-attack aircraft is powered by an AlliedSignal TFE731-4 turbofan. The aircraft has US avionics, including a head-up display. The L-139 was evaluated by South Africa in 1995.

L-59 and L-159

The L-59 and L-159 are developed versions of the L-39 jet trainer. The prototype L-59 was flown in September 1986, and the first production example followed in October 1989. The L-59E was flown in April 1992, leading to deliveries between January 1993 and the end of 1994.

The L-159A is a single-seat ground-attack development of the L-59, powered by the 28kN International Turbine Engines F124 turbofan in place of the L-59's Progress DV-2, and is being developed for the Czech air force. The prototype L-159T two-seat trainer flew for the first time in August 1997. A two-seat attack version, the L-159B, is also proposed.