​MRJ first flight set for last week of October

Mitsubishi Aircraft says the first flight of its Mitsubishi Regional Jet will take place during the week beginning 26 October.

In a brief statement, the company specifies a first flight window between Monday 26 October and Friday 30 October. The exact date of the flight will be announced one day in advance.

“In implementing the first flight, utmost priority will be given to safety,” says Mitsubishi. “The flight schedule is subject to change if deemed necessary due to conditions related to the aircraft, weather, etc,” it adds.

In a previous statement, the Japanese airframer said the first flight would confirm the basic characteristics – ascent, descent, circling – of the jet. During the flight, movable parts of the aircraft such as its landing gear and flaps will be in a fixed position and the thrust-reverser system will not be engaged.

The 1h flight will take off from Nagoya airport.

Mitsubishi has received firm orders for 223 MRJs, as well as options and purchase rights for a further 184 of the regional jet.

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