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MRO Europe: SR Technics employs iPad for type training

Zurich-based MRO provider SR Technics has moved all training material for its maintenance type-rating classes to a digital format for the Apple iPad and abandoned paper-based documentation for the respective courses.

The firm, a subsidiary of Mubadala Aerospace, has forged an agreement with Apple whereby all trainees receive a personal tablet PC, which the participants can retain after the course programme. The software was created in partnership with MINT Software Systems in Germany, based on existing course documentation.

Daniel Hepfer, head of commercial services training at the maintenance provider, says he initially favoured an Android-based system, but has been convinced by the iPad's security.

Trainees download technical manuals and training documents from SR Technics to their individual machines, using personal logon details.

This comprises more than 4,000 pages for the B1 engineer type-rating of, for example, the Airbus A330, says Hepfer. Trainees will retain continuous access to the course materials, he notes.

While the digital content includes media, such as films, enlarged photos and illustrations, it is based on SR Technics's existing training materials. The MRO company now wants develop dedicated course material for a tablet PC.

Exams will remain paper-based for the time being, however.

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