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  • NBAA 09: Airbus Corporate Jet Centre launches VIP Pass

NBAA 09: Airbus Corporate Jet Centre launches VIP Pass

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) has launched a "VIP Pass" program for its jetliner-derived business aircraft, offering a tailored package of services to executive, private and government operators for its ACJ family of aircraft.

The VIP Pass offers customers a package of airframe maintenance, cabin and airframe spares, as well as full engine support and cabin upgrades and refurbishment, says Fabio Beretta, leader of the ACJC's customer support and services team.

Airbus recently completed a $10.5 million investment in tooling and equipment at the Toulouse, France facility located on the same campus as the airframer's commercial production lines.

While emphasizing that every customer has the flexibility to choose where aircraft maintenance and upgrades take place, Airbus marketing director for executive and private aviation, David Velupillai, says the ACJC is uniquely suited to address operator needs as it is able to draw on the full resources of nearby Airbus.

The VIP Pass will be available in 2010 for all Airbus corporate jets, including the ACJ family based on the A320 family of aircraft, as well as the A330 and A340 widebody platforms.

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