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  • NBAA: Executive AirShare launches Phenom 100 equity program

NBAA: Executive AirShare launches Phenom 100 equity program

Kansas City, Missouri-based Executive AirShare has introduced EMBark 32, an equity ownership program that the company says bridges the gap between on-demand charter, charter cards and fractional ownership for business aviators. EMBark 32 offers corporate aviation users the opportunity to earn a 1/32nd share interest in a 2009 Phenom 100 aircraft without committing to the standard five-year fractional aircraft ownership contract. Program participants can enroll in the EMBark 32 program by placing an $80,500 deposit to gain access to one of the 2009 Phenom 100 aircraft.

After EMBark 32 participants have flown 150 hours, they will have earned a 1/32nd share in that aircraft, and have the opportunity to pay for the remaining 1/32nd share to become a fractional shareowner or apply 50% of the fair market value of their 1/32nd interest towards additional flight-hours.

"We have designed EMBark 32 as an entry-level program to introduce the Executive AirShare brand of service to corporate aviation users who haven't yet made the move into fractional ownership or are looking at alternatives to more expensive national charter and fractional programs," says Executive AirShare president Robert Taylor.

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