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New cabin layouts for AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP

AgustaWestland will unveil new cabin layouts for its AW101 VVIP medium lift transport helicopter at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, in Geneva, Switzerland on 20-22 May as it seeks to bolster its share of the government and heads of state transport market.

The VVIP cabin demonstrator on show will feature a 10-single-seat, fully air conditioned layout equipped with mood lighting and luxury furnishings.

The 1.8m (5.9ft)-high and 2.49m-wide cabin also sports a spacious bathroom and a cabin attendant station with fully equipped galley, an enhanced environmental control system and a wide-range advanced electronics items.

The cabin can also be reconfigured to accommodate a fully equipped patient treatment area for emergency medical services operations.

The AW101 VVIP is also offered in an executive layout with up to 20 luxury seats, bathroom and galley.

The AW101, formerly the EH101, has had notable success in the VVIP transport market. The US Navy selected a US version of the aircraft, dubbed the US101, for the new presidential fleet of "Marine One" helicopters, while Japan's Tokyo metropolitan police force has chosen the aircraft for law enforcement and VVIP transport.

AgustaWestland is also vying for the Indian air force contract for 12 VIP helicopters. The contract, which could be worth around $250 million, is expected to be signed in early 2009.

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