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  • New president to oversee Superjet serial production ramp-up

New president to oversee Superjet serial production ramp-up

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has appointed a new president, Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, after the promotion of predecessor Victor Subbotin.

Prisyazhnyuk previously oversaw production sites for the Superjet 100 project as the airframer's senior vice-president and technical director.

Sukhoi says it is establishing a "managing unit" within its corporate structure to handle commercial aviation projects.

It says the appointment of an experienced production manager, at a point where test aircraft are nearing completion and serial production is being "sped up", will be one of the "key factors" for the programme's success.

Prisyazhnyuk says the Superjet "keep delivering positive results" in its certification tests, and adds: "Our main task is to secure faultless run of the entire production chain, covering both production sites and all project participants.

"Now we aim to guarantee very smooth entry of the aircraft into service and lead the ramp-up production run to the designed pace."

Victor Subbotin becomes deputy director general for commercial aircraft programmes at Sukhoi, and therefore will still have a co-ordinating role in the Superjet 100 development.

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