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  • No injuries in back-to-back American Eagle ERJ incidents

No injuries in back-to-back American Eagle ERJ incidents

American Eagle says no one was injured this afternoon after an emergency landing of an Embraer ERJ-145 in Killeen, Texas following a flight from Dallas.

Pilots of Flight 3505, with 50 passengers and three crew, declared an emergency after smelling smoke in the cockpit.

Upon landing, the aircraft taxied to the gate for a normal deplaning. However, the airline says an investigation is underway.


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The carrier this afternoon also removed a slightly damaged ERJ-145 from the runway area of the Hancock Airport in Syracuse, New York, following an incident Sunday night after a flight from Chicago.

A spokeswoman for American says Flight 3906, with 48 passengers and three crew, "landed normally and towards the last third of the runway, slid off the runway."

Passengers, none of whom were injured, deplaned on location and were shuttled to the terminal, according the spokeswoman.

An FAA spokesman says that ice is suspected in the loss of control incident and that officials are investigating how the airport assessed runway conditions before the aircraft was cleared to land.

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