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  • Nordic special - everything you need to know about Nordic aerospace

Nordic special - everything you need to know about Nordic aerospace

Although often confusingly thought of as one market or industry, the Nordic nations have very different military needs and aerospace sectors.  What they have in common is that all have ambitions to play a bigger global role.



Helsinki spreads its wings
Finland is updating its air power inventory to play a bigger part in global operations, from European defence cooperation to disaster relief.

Weathering the storms
Finland's Ranger UAV has overcome a number of hurdles during its five years of service. Now the army wants to extend its role

Buying power
With the Nordic nations armed forces increasing their status on the world stage, making the right choice of future aircraft is crucial.


Great Danes
After years of debating a possible common procurement, Denmark is the first Nordic nation to take delivery of multi-role helicopters


Quiet partner
Volvo Aero has without much fuss established a strong reputation in the aeroengine market by partnering with virtually every major OEM.


Norse power
A Pratt & Whitney unit is making a name for itself in engine maintenance thanks to the growing popularity of a rival's powerplant

Three-nation programme finally set to deliver NH90s.

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