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Package B Trent 1000s still in testing: R-R and Boeing

Boeing and Rolls-Royce have corrected previous statements that inaccurately confirmed that an upgraded version of the Trent 1000 turbofan has already flown on the second 787 to be delivered to All Nippon Airways.

Instead, the Package B update of the Trent 1000 remains in testing on Airplane Four, a flight test aircraft, and has not been installed on Airplane 24. The latter aircraft, which first flew on 24 September, will be handed over to ANA next month as the carrier's second 787, joining Airplane Eight, which was delivered on 25 September. Both aircraft are powered by Package A Trent 1000s, and are configured for domestic and regional operations with 264 seats,

Instead, Package B engines will launch ANA's long-haul services connecting Tokyo's Haneda Airport with Frankfurt, Rolls-Royce has said.

Programme and industry sources also say Airplane 31 is likely to be that first aircraft to enter services with Package B engines. Airplane 31 could be delivered to ANA in November or December, allowing the carrier to launch service to Frankfurt as scheduled in January.

The Package B engine incorporates a revised six-stage low pressure turbine (LPT) design, high-aspect-ratio blades, relocation of the intermediate-pressure (IP) compressor bleed offtake ports and a fan outlet guide vanes with improved aerodynamics. The updated engine will bring specific fuel consumption to within 1% of the original specification.

The engines, which have been flying since May on test aircraft ZA004, is currently undergoing noise evaluations in Glasgow, Montana.

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