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  • Pakistan navy inducts first UAV squadron

Pakistan navy inducts first UAV squadron

The Pakistan navy has inducted its first squadron of indigenously-produced Uqab II unmanned air vehicles at Mehran naval station in Karachi.

The Uqab II is produced by Global Industrial & Defence Solutions, a conglomerate of seven Pakistani defence companies.

Launched from and recovered using a conventional runway, the design has a maximum range of 150km (81nm) and an endurance of 4h.

It can operate up to 10,000ft (3,050m) above sea level and carry a payload weighing up to 20kg (44lb), including a gyro-stabilised colour camera capable of capturing motion images in both day and night conditions.

"Cognisant of heightened surveillance measures at all times, the induction of these UAVs will provide essential experience to the Pakistan navy and necessary impetus to utilise this particular segment of warfare to the best use of naval objectives," navy chief Adm Noman Bashir said.

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