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  • PARIS: Boeing Sky Interior on display for first time at air show

PARIS: Boeing Sky Interior on display for first time at air show

On exhibition for the first time at an air show is Boeing's optimised 737 with Sky Interior, displayed in an Air Berlin 737-700.

Featuring 787-style overhead bins, LED lighting and sculpted windows and sidewalls, the Sky Interior option now accounts for 83% of Boeing's backlog for its Next Generation 737. A call button coloured differently and situated away from the overhead light buttons was another enhancement introduced to tackle the problem of passengers mistakenly calling cabin crew when they meant to turn on a light.

Vice-president and programme manager of the 737 Bev Wyse said that the new interior was designed to make flying a less stressful experience for passengers. She said that the new interior, which was first delivered in a 737-800 to Flydubai in October 2011 and is improving turnaround times for airlines. "It really does add value," she said. Wyse added that the Sky Interior had not been taken up by all customers as some wished to "retain commonality with their existing fleet."

The luggage compartments were designed to take up less space in the cabin area, made possible by an integrated pivoting mechanism. While providing more headroom in the aisle area and offering greater capacity, the bins require pressure to be closed. Air Berlin said this does not provide discomfort for cabin crew.

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