PARIS: Panasonic showcases 'dynamic' IFE product

Panasonic thinks its technology can help airlines connect with passengers more effectively – and more enjoyably – throughout their journey.

The company is showing off technology at the show that brings a host of new features to airline apps on passenger smartphones and tablets.

The technology runs behind airline-branded apps, allowing customers to customise their onboard entertainment and access content before, during and after the flight, says Panasonic senior director of corporate sales and marketing Jon Norris.

For instance, passengers using the system can, before boarding, use the app to pick which movies they want to watch, says Norris.

They can develop an entertainment list at home or in the airline lounge – they can even start watching a movie on the app in the lounge.

Once on board and seated, passengers can pair their device to the aircraft's inflight entertainment system (IFE), and even continue watching a movie where they left off, Norris says.

Passengers can also use the app to order onboard food and beverages, or to control their seat or lighting.

"It allows an airline to completely personalise the passenger experience," Norris says.

Panasonic also offers "dynamic" technology that enables airlines to update onboard IFE systems wirelessly, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Airlines can even upload specific movies requested by customers, says Norris.

Panasonic also sells a back-end product that enables airlines to analyse IFE usage. For instance, airlines can determine the most-popular and least-popular movies on different flights and routes.

They can use that information, for instance, to erase unpopular movies, reducing movie licensing costs.

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