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  • PARIS: QUIZ - Test your expertise on Paris air show history

PARIS: QUIZ - Test your expertise on Paris air show history

How well do you know the back story of the aviation calendar’s biggest event?

Find out by taking the guess-the-year quiz within our special Paris preview interactive magazine.

We’ve picked out a dozen milestone events from the full history of the show and, in each case, given you three plausible suggestions as to timing. It’s up to you to separate the accurate one from the “close, but no cigar” options.

Alongside each poser, there is a picture to help jog your memory. The quiz gallery records evolutions in commercial passenger jets, fighters and spaceflight, while personalities and venues also get a look-in.

This shot (below accompanies the following question: the Lockheed F-117 stealth fighter first appeared at Paris (so far as anyone knows) in a) 1991; b) 1993 or c) 1995?


And the extraordinary image below goes with this teaser: the USSR displayed the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov 225, with Russian space shuttle Buran mounted on top, in a) 1989; b) 1990; c) 1993?


Can you outdo even many seasoned show-goers by scoring a perfect 12?

Click here to find out

Elsewhere in the interactive, you can scroll through the 10 must-see aircraft at Paris, preview the biggest stories on the news agenda, and get a breakdown of Flightglobal’s multifaceted show coverage.

There’s also a Paris survival guide to help you navigate the show site and make the most of the city’s nightlife and cultural hotspots.

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