PIA selects AWAS A320s

Pakistan International Airlines has accepted a bid from operating lessor AWAS to lease three Airbus A320s, an evaluation report reveals.

The document also suggests that PIA is to take one A320 from Aircastle, but the lessor denies this, saying: "Aircastle is not involved in a consummated transaction with PIA, and the Aircastle aircraft in question has actually been leased elsewhere."

PIA approached the market in February with a tender seeking proposals to dry-lease up to 10 narrowbodies for eight years.

Documents show that PIA had accepted bids to lease eight A320s from Qatar Aviation Lease (QALC). However, it appears that the contract for those aircraft has not been executed.

The airline reissued the tender in the spring, specifying a need for the aircraft to be manufactured in 2010 or later, have a minimum of 175 seats, and be available for delivery between 15 June and 14 August.

The document shows AerCap offered nine A319s but the bid was rejected by PIA.

PIA recently issued a new tender for the wet-lease of up to four narrowbodies.

The airline is seeking aircraft of 140 seats or more for at least two months, with an option to extend the lease. The aircraft will have to be delivered from September onwards, subject to completion of regulatory formalities.

The aircraft will have to have been built in 2000 or later, the carrier also indicates.

Bids are due on 11 August.

Flightglobal’s Ascend Fleets database shows that PIA now operates 23 aircraft, consisting of an A320, six A310-300s, six ATR 42-500s, a Boeing 747-300 and nine 777-200LR/300ERs.

This story has been updated with the information supplied by Aircastle

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