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  • PICTURE: Cessna delivers first production TTx aircraft

PICTURE: Cessna delivers first production TTx aircraft

Cessna has delivered the first production TTx general aviation aircraft, reviving shipments from a 400 Corvalis line that had been dormant since late 2011.

"The TTx is an aircraft which will wow pilots with its performance, and surprise passengers with its comfort," says Brian Steele, the company's business leader for the TTx.

Cessna claims that the TTx is a high-performance, all-composite aircraft designed for advanced pilots. According to the company, the aircraft has a top speed of 235kt (435km/h) true speed and an operating ceiling of 7,620m (25,000ft). It can also be equipped with an optional flight into known icing (FIKI) system, which enables pilots to file flightplans allowing for a multitude of weather conditions.

Cessna TTx


Cessna also claims that the TTx is the first aircraft to be equipped with Garmin's G2000 avionics system. The cockpit features two 14.1in (35.8cm) high definition displays and touch screen controls.

Cessna unveiled the TTx upgrade in March 2011 as deliveries of the 400 Corvalis TT plummeted to zero.

After acquiring the Corvalis from Columbia Aircraft, Cessna shipments of the type peaked at 110 in 2008, but also halted in 2010 after a delamination event on an in-flight aircraft revealed systemic flaws in Cessna's composite curing process.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hit Cessna with a $2.43 million fine.

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