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  • PICTURE & GRAPHIC: Crashed Metroliner in Cork identified as EC-ITP

PICTURE & GRAPHIC: Crashed Metroliner in Cork identified as EC-ITP

A Fairchild Metroliner operated by Flightline BCN on behalf of Manx2 which crashed at Cork airport this morning has been identified as bearing the registration number EC-ITP.

The aircraft was built in 1992 and powered by a pair of Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines.

The Irish Aviation Authority confirms that the aircraft had first carried out an instrument landing system approach to runway 17 at Cork, but the crew made the decision to go around.

The aircraft then attempted an approach to runway 35 but abandoned that also, and held off for "about 20min" before making its fatal ILS approach to runway 17.

Cork Metroliner crash graphic

When the aircraft came to a halt beside the runway it was inverted, and the airport rescue crew had to extinguish a fire.

The runway visual range was reported as 400m in fog, which is below the Category 1 approach minima that the Metroliner would have required. The crew had not reported any aircraft malfunction.

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Latest reports suggest that six of the 10 passengers and two crew members on board the aircraft lost their lives.

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