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  • PICTURE: New Oman Air livery ditches dagger for incense

PICTURE: New Oman Air livery ditches dagger for incense

Middle Eastern carrier Oman Air has completely overhauled its livery, switching its base colour from red to turquoise blue and ditching the traditional khanjar dagger symbol in favour of a logo representing incense smoke.

Oman Air chief executive Ziad Al-Haremi has unveiled the new livery at a ceremony in Muscat. The new identity follows the Omani Government’s decision to withdraw from Gulf Air and concentrate on developing Oman Air as the sultanate’s sole flag-carrier.

The livery features a gold-and-silver swirl which is reminiscent of a swirl of smoke from the aromatic resin frankincense for which Oman is particularly renowned.

 © Oman Air
The new logo represents incense smoke

Al-Haremi says: “Much sought-after by the world since ancient days, Omani frankincense is one of the most powerful and evocative expressions of our nation’s vibrant history, culture, heritage and people.

“The new colours of Oman Air reflect our journey of successful growth as a dynamic airline reaching out to the world. They mark our transition from a leading regional airline to a competitive global airline.


He says the turquoise colour represents the expanse of both the sky and the sea while the gold and silver colours stand for Oman’s wealth and silver artifacts – including the curved khanjar dagger, the national symbol which Oman Air’s livery previously featured.

Oman Air is transforming its fleet after re-introducing long-haul operations. It is planning to acquire nine Airbus A330s by the end of 2011, which will be complemented by 10 Boeing 737-700/800s – the type which currently makes up most of its fleet. Oman Air is also taking six Boeing 787s from 2012.

 © AirTeamImages
Oman Air's old livery with the dagger on the red background

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