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  • PICTURE: Nextant scores a European hat-trick with 400XT delivery

PICTURE: Nextant scores a European hat-trick with 400XT delivery

Nextant Aerospace has handed over the first Swiss-owned 400XT light-jet to business aviation services provider TAG Aviation. The handover marks the third delivery of the modernised Hawker 400A/XP into Europe and the 26th delivery of the seven-seat aircraft since it entered service in late 2011.

"The $4 million Nextant 400XT boasts an impressive 3,710km (2005nm) range, which means customers can fly from Geneva to nearly anywhere in Europe or North Africa without refuelling," says the airframer, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and has a 400XT sales backlog valued in excess of $175 million.

Nextant 400XT TAG Aviation

 TAG Aviation  

"We estimate there are 1,542 entry level/light business jets in Europe worth around $5 billion - this [market] is now positioned for long-term growth," it continues. Nextant says it is perfectly positioned to increase its share of the light aircraft market by offering what is fundamentally a new aircraft - equipped with new Williams International FJ44-3AP engines, Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 cockpit and interior - at a price point closer to that of a pre-owned aircraft.

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