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  • PICTURE: Qantas unveils new logo

PICTURE: Qantas unveils new logo

Qantas has unveiled a new interpretation of its iconic logo, the flying kangaroo and the first of the airline’s fleet to carry the new logo and livery - a Boeing 767 operating domestic services - was rolled out 24 July.


 A Qantas A380 with the new logo

Qantas executive general manager John Borghetti said the time was right for a new adaptation of the airline’s logo, in keeping with Qantas increasing focus on contemporary design for its in-flight and on-the-ground products.

"This move also reflects the changing structure of our new aircraft - for example, the shape of our new kangaroo is a great fit for the tail of the A380 and other new generation aircraft," Borghetti said.

 A Qantas Boeing 747 with the old logo 

Qantas will progressively roll out the new branding ine in the lead up to the delivery of the first A380 in August 2008.

"The differences are subtle but distinctive, in keeping with the gradual evolution of the logo since it first appeared on one of our aircraft in 1944," Borghetti said.

"Our new flying kangaroo is sleeker and more contoured than the current version - a modern take on a design that has stood the test of time."

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