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PICTURES: SpiceJet 737 suffers runway excursion

A SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 aircraft landing at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport skidded off the runway into an unpaved surface.

The aircraft, registered VT-SGZ (MSN 39423), was operating flight SG-703 from Varanasi to Mumbai, when the incident occurred on 19 September, at 21:57 local time.

"During landing the aircraft overshot the runway and skidded off into the unpaved surface due to wet runway conditions caused due to heavy rains," said the low-cost carrier in a statement to FlightGlobal.

It adds that there were no reports of injuries among the 183 passengers on board, and that all disembarked the aircraft safely and were taken to the arrival hall.

Images on social media show that the aircraft had came to a stop in soft ground, with its landing gears extended. One of its engines also appears to be resting on the ground.

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Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that VT-SGZ is a 2012-vintage model. It is owned and managed by UAE lessor DAE Capital.

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